The Me You Can’t See

I have recently started watching a docu-series produced and presented by Oprah and Prince Harry called ‘The Me You Can’t See’. I love the title. 

The title just feels so real for so many reasons. I know I’ve been that person hiding behind a facade of something ‘better’ and I definitely know of many people who do the same. 

There are so many reasons why we might feel the need to hide the way we really feel from the external world, but what happens to us inside when we make a habit of this way of living? 

There are many studies which prove that our emotional health has an impact on our physical health – we are integrated beings – our bodies do not exist independently of our minds nor vice versa. I have experienced this firsthand and I continue to see this play out time and time again with people around me.

Our emotional wellbeing is equally as important as our physical well-being. Period. 

And as there is so little official education on how to go about being Mentally and Emotionally Fit, it is up to us to educate ourselves.

The first step may be as simple as having the courage to recognise and acknowledge how you feel. The next step might be to allow those feelings. You might even feel ready to investigate them with loving kindness. And then you could learn to nurture those feelings with radical compassion and presence.

These four steps combine to make the RAIN acronym by Tara Brach, whom I highly recommend for guided meditations and teachings.

I have been incredibly blessed to have been joined by clients who have come to a place of feeling more able to cope with life and feel emotionally fitter and mentally stronger. Nothing brings me more joy than to receive this kind of progress feedback – it truly is an achievement on their part. 

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Love and blessings to you xx