Transform Yourself From the Inside Out

It is widely known that we form most of our beliefs and ideas about life, love, relationships, money etc., between the ages of about 3 – 8 years old – essentially, this is when our personalities are really formed. It goes without saying that we can of course, be influenced by experiences before and after this age range, but this is the time in life when humans are coming to a LOT of conclusions based on everything and everyone around them.

Most people go through their lives wondering why they keep attracting the wrong kind of partner, or why they just can’t keep their job, or why they feel like they don’t fit in anywhere or with the group they are ‘supposed to’ fit in with, or why money seems to slip through their fingers, or why oh why do bad things always happen to them…

There are many, many, many books and wise, very well educated people who all agree that on a subconscious level we attract what we believe we deserve. This is NOT a conscious choice – far from it. This is deep rooted programming put together through a lifetime of interpretations and meaning-making based on your experiences; good, bad or indifferent.

Unfortunately, most people lose touch with their innate birth-right of self-love and self-confidence very early on in life. They quickly learn not do this, not to say that, not to think the other etc., and so it goes that the delicate being inside of us starts to shut down and stops being fully present, thus losing sight of who we truly are.

This is where I come in.

I will accompany you on a journey of discovery where together:

  • we will explore the depths of your subconscious mind
  • we will find out what your true vision of who you are is, compared to who you think you should be
  • we will get back in touch with that innate confidence you were born with and which is your divine right
  • and we will install a whole new operating system that will blow you out of the shadows of your old self and straight into the LIGHT of who you REALLY ARE so you can go and get all those things you truly deserve – LOVE, HAPPINESS, JOY, Financial abundance, a job you really love and anything else that’s on your wish list (within reason ;))

Here’s How…

There are 4 base Elements to how I work with lots of added zest and intuition to keep you on your toes and guarantee the best results.


Hypnosis is a technique that has been being used for centuries in one form or another. It is a natural state of mind that we slip in and out of throughout the day without realising it. While there has been a lot of stigma attached to hypnosis due to it having been used for entertainment purposes on stages around the world, hypnosis in a therapeutic context is nothing like what you might think it is.

It is widely known and proven that from the ages of around 3-8 years old we build what’s known as our Map of Reality. Our MoR is like our GPS of the world around us based on our observations of, experiences and interactions with the people and situations around us.

Once our conscious thinking fully forms at around 7 or 8 years old, our MoR is what guides us through life – we are now programmed to look for experiences that match the ideas and beliefs that are deeply ingrained and protected on our MoR. In other words, we are constantly looking to validate what we ‘know’ to be true.

This means that everything we can’t start or stop doing or thinking, any time we feel that we sabotage ourselves or keep following a destructive pattern of behaviour, it’s because there’s something in our MoR that won’t let things happen a different way.

The way we change this is by communicating directly with the parts of our mind that are in charge of those patterns of thought or behaviour on our MoR and get them to see that these old ways are no longer helpful or relevant to your life now.

It really is that simple!

NM Coaching

While hypnosis works with the subconscious mind to get to the bottom of all those deep-rooted beliefs that have been creating a life you DON’T want, coaching works with your conscious mind to challenge your logical thoughts and break through frontal thought patterns that are holding you back.

The combination of working with both the conscious and the subconscious means that you are getting a full system upgrade, guaranteeing massive transformation in you and your life.

Be prepared though, Coaching is not about me telling you that everything is OK, it’s about me challenging the way you think and what you think you know.


There are 3 types of progress with any kind of transformation or learning process. The type of progress you make depends on how willing you are and how important it is for you to make changes in your life, and quite simply, how fast your subconscious mind wants to implement change. Nonetheless, change WILL happen.

You see immediate results.

You see results as the days go by.

You look back at where you were before our session and where you are a few weeks later. The progress becomes clear in the comparison.


Within each session we will set goals and objectives for the following sessions. They will be tailored to you and your needs and as your accountability partner I will ask you how you have progressed and what you have learnt. Tracking your progress and your efforts is the best way to actually see how you move up through life. Having someone to be accountable to has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of getting things done.

Throughout the process you will have access to me via email and messenger in case you have any questions or doubts.

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