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Taking people on a journey of self-discovery & acceptance of who they REALLY ARE...

Are you ready to Step into Your Superpower and have Ultimate Confidence?

Does this sound familiar...?

You are a warrior who doesn’t quite know it.

You’ve been through so much in life, yet you’re still standing, but no one seems to get what you’re going through.

You even feel lonely and a bit isolated in your struggle, but most people don't know that about you.

You doubt yourself and what you’re capable of, even though you’ve proved time and time again to the world that you can do whatever needs to be done.

You experience some anxiety, nervousness, maybe even depression as the frustration of not feeling fully in control of your life becomes too much.

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I'm here to tell you that I've got your back and I see you... that's why you've landed here, because You KNOW as well as I do that it's TIME to...

Step Into Your Power

Hi, I’m Nicole, and I help people like you…

Tune into and turn up your inner power

Upgrade and reinstall your innate self-confidence

Know who you are and what you’re here to do

Love and be proud of what you see in the mirror


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Real People, Real Results

“Nicole immediately built empathy and put me at ease with her calm confident approach and warm engaging smile. She skilfully got to the root cause of my issue in my subconscious mind and resolved it permanently.

What has impressed me most however is the fabulous transformative recording that I was given to listen to for 21 days. I found it easy to listen to and completely absorbing. Nicole is an incredible RTT therapist, and it is a pleasure to recommend her.”



Business Owner, UK

“A truly amazing experience which unravels the complexities of how our minds work and how we hold onto emotional knocks, injuries & traumas affecting our lives and adopted behaviours.

Nicole is truly a gifted and intuitive practitioner who skilfully guides you through your process and gives you a clear understanding of how and why we put up blocks. This work is so powerful that you are able to re-programme your set behaviours and change your brain’s perspective in a positive way.

I would highly recommend Nicole Mazzucato.”



Acupuncturist, UK

“Nicole gave me confidence and reassurance that I would get the outcome I wanted from my sessions with her. So much came out from my past that I was wondering where it was all leading to, but she was so calm and held a quiet authority amongst all the ‘releasing of my stuff’….

I listened to her audio at least once every day for 3 weeks and feel a huge weight has been lifted. The whole experience was amazing.

Thanks, Nicole – you are brilliant at what you do.”



Sales Manager, UK

“I have had various sessions with Nicole working around a very complex area of my life. They were done online via Zoom and for someone that feels they don’t necessarily visualize, the things that came up were strong and powerful. Nicole was always at hand to guide and support me with absolute master precision, guiding and helping me make sense of so much. Nicole is a natural healer and a kind, generous soul.

Absolute moments of clarity were reached, which would not have been reached without Nicole. She is wise, loving and with you every step of the way. Thank you so much.

Would I recommend her? I already have and will carry on doing so!”



Actor, UK

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