Collateral Healing

There’s a fact of life that we all have our shit to work through; no one is pain or trauma free, it’s just part of being human. But for the human who feels ready to take on the challenge of working through their past pains, beautiful things happen.

This is not a message of positive thinking will get you what you want in life! This is about a phrase I coined from working with so many incredible people who have been proactive in their personal development and improvement.

So often I see that a client comes with a number of things they’d like to work on and improve – ways of thinking, feeling and how they do things. Part of my role is to help people focus and get clarity on what they really want – where are we headed on this journey we about to embark on together? Another part of my role is to help people see the foundation block that is holding up the majority of things that don’t seem to be working the way they want them to so we can remove it.

Let me be clear – none of the people that work with me are ‘broken’ even though they might feel like they are at times. 

By having clear goals and knowing what we’re aiming for, we are able to identify it when we get there.

Something that never ceases to amaze me is the ‘Collateral Healing’ that takes place in people as we progress through our collaboration. This is exactly as it sounds – once the mind figures out that it can make adjustments and improvements, it starts looking for ways to improve by itself. 

I had a client come to me for anger and aggression. We discussed other things that were an issue in his life including an unhealthy diet, being overweight and feeling the knock-on effects of that, smoking, poor communication with his colleagues, wife and kids etc. The amazing thing was that we were not focussing on the list above, rather we put it to a side to concentrate on the anger. Two weeks after the initial session he reported giving up smoking, changing his diet, going to the gym and hiring a personal trainer and improved communication with people around him. And so he continued to make improvements in all areas of his life as our work progressed. 

Your mind wants to help you be happy, healthy and well.
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Love and blessings to you xx