Chasing Rainbows

How are you?
You may have missed me as I missed you last week! I didn’t have time to send out an email as I had last Monday off to hang out with Vinicius 🙂 We both seem to be working a lot at the moment so we need to make sure we get some quality time in to be together and connect.

I was having a practice session done on me by a colleague last week and something came up that I’d like to share with you.

I’ve been struggling the past few months to get back into a fitness routine and have found myself plugged into my computer for many hours a day most days. Although I do make sure Gabi goes out for a good 1hour walk a day, I have been yearning movement in a more focused way for my body. The problem is, I’ve not been motivated and not made the time and space for that to happen – everything else was taking priority. This kind of thing can absolutely happen, and rather than beat myself up about it, I’ve been doing a lot of work with colleagues to find out why I haven’t been prioritising myself at all.

It can be hard getting back on the wagon once you’ve fallen off and time gets longer and longer, but the good things is, you can always get back on it no matter where you need to start from.

I remembered that when I was child, as family, we would often ‘chase rainbows’ when we were in the car. That memory brought back a lot of joy and excitement. I realised that rather than think about this is a huge feat and starting from point 0, I’d rather ‘chase my rainbow’ and be excited about the journey of what I’d like to be & find at the end of the rainbow, all the white knowing that I’ll never actually get to that point. 

The result, I went to the gym yesterday and began to chase my fitness rainbow 🌈
Today I’m aching, but I’m happy to be back on the wagon with a fresh view of the direction I’d like to go in.

Which rainbows 🌈  are you chasing? Hit reply and let me know!
 Love and blessings to you xx


P.S. It’s my birthday next week so I won’t be sending out a newsletter but I’ll be back the week after next! 💜