Hypnotic Healers Episode #13 – A Better Version Of Me with Tim Box

We are excited about this episode for lots of reasons.  

1. Tim Box is our guest today.  

2.  New recording equipment, so better sound! 

Ok, maybe not lots but still great stuff. 

A fun time is had by all in this laid back conversation with the UK’s top anti-anxiety specialist and creator of the CONTROL System, Tim Box.  We talk about the CONTROL System, why it came about and what Tim envisions for the future.  We also talk about hypnosis and change in general so join us for a laid back visit our friend Tim. 

Here is a link to Tims page and his TedTalk.

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BoxHypnosis

Website: https://thecontrolsystem.co.uk/

Tedtalk: https://youtu.be/ZidGozDhOjg