What’s wrong with me???

There is nothing wrong with you.

Let me start there!

Yesterday I held the 5th session in a 6 part series of group coaching calls. I really love these sessions.

Initially, I was not planning on going ahead with any sessions where there were less than 5 people signed up but I quickly became more flexible with that guideline. I truly believe that whoever turns up to one of these events is there for a reason and no matter how many people are present whether it’s 2 or 8, we will all gain growth and insight.

So last night’s session I was expecting more people than arrived at the start time – we were down to myself and 1 person but I wanted to go ahead with it as planned and the participant was happy with that. A second person joined about 15 mins in – we’ve now got ourselves a little group dynamic – beautiful. The intimate nature of the reduced group meant that each person had more space to share their experiences, ask their questions and get even more personalised feedback.

The topic this month was Trusting Yourself and Becoming Confident. It was a powerful topic and a lot of deep insight was shared and there were some incredible ah-ha moments happening.

One key thing that came up for both people was the fact that they keep asking themselves ‘What’s wrong with me?’ whenever they don’t do something in a way they think they should, or if they are comparing themselves to someone else etc.

The problem with this line of questioning is that your mind can only respond to what you ask it, so it will begin to give you reasons why there’s something wrong with you e.g. you’re stupid, you’re an idiot, you’re useless, you’re no good at this or that etc.

That’s a pretty shitty dialogue to be having with yourself day in day out.

Change the questions, get different answers, build a better relationship.

Ask yourself instead, ‘What’s happening with me?
– maybe you feel insecure, maybe you’re overwhelmed at the moment, maybe you’re feeling stressed out and have got too much on your plate, but you are certainly not incapable or stupid.

The next question is, ‘What do I need right now?
– some time out? a good cry? go for a run and release some pent up energy? scream into a pillow?
Whatever it is, how can you give yourself what you need?

And this is how we start to create a friendly, compassionate, loving relationship with the most important person in your life: YOU.

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Love and blessings to you xx