Untying knots

How are you?
You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit off the radar for a couple of weeks. I’ve had a lot going on and needed to take a few things off my to-do list but you have been in my mind and heart ♥️ 

Today I want to share the idea of untying knots 🪢 with you.
I really love this analogy when it comes to our thinking; we have thoughts that often become knots which create blocks and potentially issues. When we think about our problems we get stuck in the knots; the thoughts like ‘ I can’t do that because..’ / ‘that’s not possible because…’ / ‘I couldn’t even imagine that being a possibility because…’ / I’m this way or that way – that’s who I am’  etc.

Knots become barriers and justifications for why things are the way they are in our lives, and the more we listen to our knots, the tighter they get tied leading to an even denser thought-mine field.

Imagine walking through that high density mine field of tightly tied thought knots – how does it feel? What possibilities can you see? Does it look like there’s a way through?
I’m pretty sure (given the work I do) that your answers are not ‘I feel great!’ ‘I can see a world of choice!’ ‘I can see a clear path to where I want to go!’ – actually, in most cases, the ‘where I want to go’ often isn’t even visible because there’s too much in the way.

So what to do with all this?


When you begin questioning things in different ways, your mind has no other alternative than to look for answers.
New answers = new choices

If you are stuck asking yourself the same unhelpful questions over and over again like ‘Why me?’, you will get answers that reinforce your situation – and so the cycle continues.

Change your questions, get different answers, untie knots, see changes in your life.

Different questions may be something like this:
What can I do differently today?
What would it mean to me to feel happy / calm / motivated etc.?
What is stopping me from (doing what I love)?
What would it feel like to (have a loving relationship)?
How can I start moving in a different direction in my life?

These are some generic and basic starting points for you to work with, but they are solid grounding for you to begin questioning yourself and your knots in a new way.

Let me know how you get on and get in touch if you’d like to know more about untying knots. 

In other news;
I have decided for the moment that I won’t be launching a group coaching programme just yet. It is something in the making but I’m giving myself permission to not rush it and allow some things to settle before committing to launching another programme. 

Love and blessings to you xx