The words that follow ‘I am’, follow you…

How do you talk about yourself?

In the group coaching call yesterday we reflected on the idea that the words that follow ‘I am’, follow you.
Which words follow ‘I am’ in your thinking and speaking?

In a reflective exercise through connecting with oneself, the lovely participants were asked to complete some phrases such as:
I am
I feel
I need
I want
I can

It was really interesting to hear how some people got stuck on the ‘I want’ sentence. One thing that came up was the idea that ‘I want doesn’t get’ – I wonder if that catch phrases rings through from your childhood?? That phrase and many many many more like it have ways of showing up in how we think and behave later on in life. In the case of yesterday, it was a true revelation to some that they didn’t realise they had been bound by this deeply ingrained idea, so much so that with a simple exercise such as the one described, they couldn’t complete the sentence.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting. In fact, if we never wanted anything, we’d never be motivated to do anything at all. 
This includes wanting love, companionship, comfort, joy, happiness, purpose, fulfilment, and the list goes on. 

It’s worth thinking about the ‘catch phrases’ of your childhood. Do they still jump out at you? Do you say them to your children? Where in your life do they stop you or hold you back? 

With regards to ‘I am’, we came to the conclusion that ‘I am learning‘ is a very helpful and insightful sentence to start with. It encourages you to be kind and soft with yourself as you learn and grow in every area.

So, who and what are you? Hit reply and let me know!
 Love and blessings to you xx


P.S. There will be no group coaching sessions in August. I will be working on a new offer for group work so watch this space!