Starting a new year by being kind to yourself

First off I truly hope you’ve had a restful, peaceful and joyful time over the holiday period. Whatever you’ve done or not done, whoever you’ve seen or not seen, I hope it has filled you with love and nourishment.

As we begin a new calendar year I want to remind you to be kind to yourself. You may have noticed that I haven’t sent out an email for nearly a month, and while I have been thinking about it every week, I really needed to take some time out and pressure off – mission accomplished. 

With all the uncertainty that has beheld us over the past couple of years, it would be odd not to expect some of the same to come. As human beings, we don’t do particularly well with uncertainty – there’s a part of us that ‘needs to know’ what to expect or what’s to come on some level. Yet it would be nice to think that these past couple of years have taught us to ride the wave we are on and surrender to what we can’t control (I am aware this last ‘phrase could be interpreted in a number of ways – rather than a political statement, my intention is more of an inward view). 

There is great peace and power in surrender. When we stop trying to control everything around us, we can focus on what’s within us with more ease and grace.

What would be helpful for you to stop focusing on around you?

How much energy would that free up for you to be able to focus on what could really do with your attention?

What is it that really needs your attention?

I am an outspoken anti-fan of the idea of new year’s resolutions – in next week’s episode of Heart, Soul & Roots podcast I go into more detail. The change of a date means nothing when you want to make real changes in your life. Real change happens not because it’s January, but because the change and the result really mean something to you. 

So if there’s something in your life that really needs your attention, start focusing on it right now – not because it’s 2022, but because you know that by giving to yourself, what you get back will well and truly mean something to you.

Feel free to get in touch to talk about what needs your attention and how to get your focus to it. Love and blessings to you xx