Learning to trust yourself


It’s a big word and is fully loaded with all sorts of experiences.

The weird thing is, we are taught from a very young age to put our trust in others more than in ourselves. 
It’s obvious that we need to trust in our caregivers to get our basic needs met when we are babies, but we are soon encouraged to put our trust in everything they say and do as we begin to form our map of reality and how the world works.

Soon enough, most of us have forgotten that we have an instinct of our own to follow and our own ideas to develop and believe in – your model of the world may not work for me – yet we shy away from finding our own model for a plethora of reasons, not least the ‘disease to please‘ as one of my mentees recently put it.

As a result, we may wake up one day and find that we are not living the life we thought we wanted, rather a life that someone else deemed the ‘right’ life. You may also find that making decisions is incredibly difficult because you’ve been so conditioned to listen to or ask other’s opinions. Another symptom maybe that you feel like you don’t know how you feel about something or that ‘I don’t know’ is one of your most common answers.

With so much noise going on in the world and everyone and their goat expressing their opinions ranging from not informed at all to supposed expert on the subject, it gets increasingly challenging to stay true to you.

On an upcoming episode of the Hypnotic Healers podcast, Anthony and I discussed the work we do with the mind-body connection and how we help people to reconnect with their innate wisdom and instinct. It is truly fascinating how few people feel connected to themselves in such a way that they actually pay attention to their gut instinct. 

Next time you need to make a decision, even something that seems insignificant like what to cook or what to buy, try being aware of the thought processes in your mind; can you make a decision that is right for you rather than for someone else? How does that feel? Where does any resistance show up in your body?

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Love and blessings to you xx