Learning through collaboration & connection

I hope this finds you well!
It feels like it’s been a long 2 weeks since my last email!

I had such a great response to the Chasing Rainbows message – it was so lovely to hear from you how the rainbows touched you in different ways.

As you may know, I co-host 2 podcasts (see below) which I absolutely love doing. 
I am a great believer in collaboration, connection and community, and the podcasts keep proving to be a great platform for these 3 things to happen. 
I have always been about supporting peers and colleagues and helping them be better at what they do, sharing with them and learning together. I believe that this quality has contributed to my effectiveness in leadership roles. Nothing has changed despite being self-employed and working ‘solo’. 

I could spend my time worrying about other people in my industry and comparing myself to them and their success but I’d much rather talk to them, share ideas with them and learn from them. This attitude has lead to some incredible conversations with some amazing people and a true sense of community and support. I have and continue to learn so much from people with different experience and skills to me and vice versa. 

You always have something to learn as well as something to give.
If you remember that, it makes it so much easier to approach people and have a conversation. Who knows where it will lead to, but at least you know you’ve opened yourself up to possibility

The things we do today have an impact on tomorrow. 
Are you in for the long game or the short game? 

Start building connections with people who inspire you and lift you up, today. Reach out to someone for a chat. What have you got to gain

Your life is a reflection of the people you spend the most amount of time with. Are those people helping you and supporting you in your quality of life? Hit reply and let me know!
 Love and blessings to you xx


P.S. The new Group Coaching offer is soon to be announced! Watch this space!!