Feeling stuck can become unstuck in the blink of an eye

First and foremost I want to thank you for sticking with me over the past year or so. 
This here is my 50th newsletter, and while I haven’t always been consistent in sending one out every week, I’m really happy to have been sharing ideas, reflections and hopefully useful and inspiring content to your mailbox as often as I’ve been able to. 

In the last email I spoke of untying knots and asking new questions in order to gain access to new choices. As a follow on from that idea, today I’d like to discuss doing something with your new found choices

Often times we find ourselves feeling stuck; stuck in a routine, stuck in job we maybe don’t like all that much, stuck in a place we’re not that excited about living in, stuck seeing people that we don’t want to spend our time with, etc etc. 

Feeling stuck is a mindset; it’s an unconscious pattern. It’s not a conscious choice, let’s be clear. If everything were as clear cut as conscious choices, it would be incredibly easy to ‘unchoose‘ things.

But it’s important to know that ‘stuck’ can become unstuck in the blink of an eye. 

Once you’ve seen that there are other options and that your back is never truly against the wall, the unsticking begins. It’s then up to you which choice paths you decide to follow.
Are you willing to feel thrilled and a bit scared to take up a new opportunity?
Are you willing to feel a bit uncomfortable but more powerful as you set your boundaries?
Are you ready to make changes in your life that you know are good for you, despite other people’s opinions?

Is it really possible to ignore new options once your mind has been opened up to them? Maybe. I would be inclined to ask you ‘how important is the change you want to see in your life to you?’ ‘why is it important?’ ‘what are you willing to experience to see improvements in your life?’  

It’s the small & big decisions that we make that end up making the difference in our lives.
A client that I worked with a couple of years ago recently reached out again as they were struggling. The mere decision to reach out and book in a few sessions has been the difference between not wanting to get out of bed and getting back to the top of their game.

Start small. 

What small thing can you make a new decision or choice about today that will have an impact on your happiness and wellbeing? 

Let me know.

Love and blessings to you xx