Feeling overloaded? Here are some tips on how to lighten the load

I hope this finds you well.

This week in Heart, Soul & Roots Podcast, Tiffany and I spoke about feeling overloaded and having too much going on.
When we logged on to begin the recording of the episode, rather than plan out the content, I simply asked Tiffany how she was doing and her answer of “I’m feeling pretty overloaded” was the gateway into the conversation that felt really important for us to have. 

I’m definitely guilty of overloading myself with activities, tasks, chores and commitments, and it does get to a point where I feel that I’m doing too much and taking on too many projects. I then need to reevaluate and reorganise my life. 

There are so many reasons why we fill ourselves up with things to do:

  • finding it hard to say ‘no’
  • being a people pleaser
  • needing to be a high achiever
  • feeling guilty if we’re not doing ‘enough’
  • feeling like it’s our responsibility to take care of everybody and everything 
  • not wanting to ask for help 
  • needing to be in control

and the list goes on…

Rather than attempt to analyse your why, I’d rather give you some tips on how to lighten the load and make things easier for yourself.

1. Delegate
It sounds so simple yet it can be such a challenge for people.
You cannot do everything for everyone.
Find a way to start delegating tasks to other people – including your children. 
This can be as simple as training your children to take their plates to the sink / put them in the dish washer, teaching them to make their own beds, tidy their rooms etc.
Create humans that can look after themselves rather than being fully dependent on you for every little thing.
Delegate tasks to your partner – talk about how things are getting too much and how they can take some of the weight off you.
Delegate tasks from your business / job to other people – if it’s not something you enjoy doing or have the skillset to do and it’s going to take up 50% of your time learning how to do it, hire someone else.
Get a cleaner – this is the best investment I ever made!!! 

2. Eliminate
What things are on your to do list that never get done?
Get rid of them.
If they’ve been on your to do list for months on end and they keep staring you in the face, delete them. They are clearly not important enough for you to put the time aside to do them.
When it feels important enough, you will find the time and space for them, but in the meantime, get rid of the stress and strain of those tasks calling you every time you see your to do list.

3. Automate
What things can go on autopilot?
Getting a cleaner in once a week means that cleaning is delegated and automated – you don’t need to think about it.
If you’ve got your own business, what parts of your business can you set up to ‘run itself‘? – Social media scheduling? Automated workflows? 
If you’ve got kids, can you set up a pick up and drop off scheme with other parents to relieve the pressure a couple of times a week?
How about preordering home cooked food for a couple of meals a week?
There are infinite ways of automating things in your life.

Do not undervalue the need for rest and recuperation
Overloading yourself will eventually lead to illness, burnout, overwhelm, even a breakdown in relationships; so rather than be forced to take time out for an unwanted reason, take a more proactive route to preventing these things from happening.

Do you need help lightening your load? There’s no time like the present. 

Due to my new collaboration I have reduced my intake of individual clients to 5 per month. If you have been sitting on the fence, now’s the time to book a call with me and get started on your journey.

Love and blessings to you xx