Change can be scary…

After a few weeks of a lot of decisions, choices and moving country, I have finally landed and relocated to the UK after 20 years of living around the world.
This choice did not come lightly – there are a lot of implications and things to take into consideration especially the fact that Vinicius and I are separated by about 2000kms for the foreseeable future until he is granted permission to reside with me here.

So why take such a drastic decision with such impactful consequences?

Well, I have come to collaborate with a school that does things differently. The opportunity to work closely with teenagers and school staff in an environment that has a huge focus on mental health and well-being means a great deal to me and will be worth the changes and sacrifices. 

Sometimes we need to make drastic decisions and be willing to sacrifice some things in order to follow a higher calling. Nonetheless, change can be scary!

Often times what’s familiar and known to us, albeit uncomfortable / toxic / unhealthy, is easier to stick with simply because it’s what we know. 
I see this pattern time and again with people; they hold on to whatever it is – relationship, job, living situation – with everything they have because what could lie beyond that falls in the realm of the unknown.
The unknown = scary for a lot of people. 

Our minds like familiarity but that doesn’t mean that what’s familiar is always the best thing for us. Sometimes we need to take a leap and see what’s on the other side – you never know, it might be what you’ve been yearning all along but you were holding yourself back from even exploring the possibilities because of fear. 

Fear is not a negative experience. Learning to understand what lies beneath fear is incredibly liberating.

How many times in your life have you done things without knowing what the outcome would be?
How many first time experiences have you had?
Your first kiss. Your first day at school. Your first time getting on a bus or train. etc. etc. 

Your life is full of first times. You survived.
You will continue to survive.

Looking to make a change or two in your life? There’s no time like the present. 

Due to my new collaboration with this school I am now reducing my intake of individual clients to 5 per month. If you have been sitting on the fence, now’s the time to book a call with me and get started on your journey.

Love and blessings to you xx