Being your authentic self…

Are you being authentically you?

I hate to break it to you, but I’m being semi sarcastic.
The idea of authenticity and ‘being authentically you’ is being loosly thrown around all over the place. 

The idea is nice, but what on earth does it actually mean? 
Doesn’t everyone believe they are being themselves?

Of course they do! Not many people spend their lives living through a self that isn’t somewhat them in that moment.
Sure we tend to adapt and mould to our tribe as a way of being accepted, and yes, this can lead to not being true to yourself. But being authentic is, to me, about connecting to how you feel and your inner experiences, respecting that, naming the feelings, recognising them and allowing them.

There is a stream of toxic positivity flowing through social media as every one tries to tell everyone else to ‘be happy’, ‘be positive’, ‘be your best self’ all the time. The intention is good, but the message is skewed.

Life is not one consistent flow of happy and positive, life is a sea of variety in how we feel. If we learn to deny the anger, sadness, hurt, anxiety and any other so called ‘negative’ emotions, we are doing ourselves an injustice and shutting down an important part of our experience. 

It’s in those ebbs and flows of all of our experiences that authenticity resides, that our true self exists. 

So, by that definition, are you living authentically to you? Hit reply and let me know!
 Love and blessings to you xx


P.S. There will be no group coaching sessions in August. I will be working on a new offer for group work so watch this space!