A once in a lifetime experience

Welcome to a new week!

This week my family is celebrating the life and passing on of our elder. 
The end of life is all sorts of emotional for many different reasons. In the case of my grandmother, she blessed us and the world with her presence for more than 99 years.

I’d like to be honest; I have had days leading up to her departure where I’ve felt sad, others where I’ve felt somewhat indifferent and others where I’ve felt a sense of relief.
I’ve noticed the critical voice in me judging me on the days I’ve not felt sad, trying to convince me that that’s not OK. 
Actually, it is OK.

It’s OK because feelings are fluid and impermanent. It’s also OK because however I feel about her moving on to the next stage in her spirit’s journey, it does not define my love for her.

Death is treated as such a taboo topic in our so called ‘developed’ society, yet it is such a special part of our process. It is totally unique and literally a once in lifetime experience.

I have spent time pondering death and departing through my experiences of it with people of all ages and in all circumstances. I like to think that I have developed a healthy relationship with death and feel comfortable offering a sense of peace and love as the soul of the being departs this life. 

A book that had a profound impact on me when I read it many years ago, and highly recommend is The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche. 
I have also taken a lot from learning about George Harrison’s journey as he spent years in meditation preparing himself for the departure of his soul.

Whatever you believe about the spirit, soul, God, a higher power, the afterlife or reincarnation, I would encourage you to make peace with this very unique process and feel your way through it, allowing whatever needs to arise, to be present.

What has been your experience with loved ones moving on? Please know that if you choose to reply, it will always be in complete confidence.
 Love and blessings to you xx


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