Progress Amongst Chaos

Sometimes it feels like we’re surrounded by chaos, like everything is out of control, like we just can’t find our feet or anything to grab hold of.

Humanity IS chaotic, it’s absolutely true. It’s chaotic because so many people are living on a chaotic wavelength – we’ve been overloaded with things to think about, people to please, stuff to accumulate, bits and pieces to do…
Have you ever stopped to look back over your day and thought, ‘Huh, what have I actually achieved today?!’ You may have taken the kids to school, made breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleaned, been to work, juggled a few balls, done the washing, tidied up a few draws and who knows what else. But do you actually feel like YOU as an individual have made any progress in your life after doing all that? 

When we lose ourselves amongst the chaos of life, we become part of the chaos, if not the chaos itself. Why do we fall into these patterns and make them into our life routine and habits? 

There is a part which is down to how we’ve been educated and what we’ve been taught to expect from and how to live life. Another part is environment influenced. And a large part is how we think and what we have been programmed to believe. Have you been programmed to be busy or productive? Do you believe that cleaning up after people all day long or working a job that saps you dry is productive or something that keeps you busy? Being busy in body and busy in mind, causes distraction and disconnection. 

Here’s how to find some balance in a busy chaotic life and make some actual progress as an evolving human:

🌱 Before you go sleep, write down 2 things you want to do for yourself the next day. Start small so they are achievable and make sure you find the time to do them!

🌱 Set an alarm on your phone three times a day as reminder to stop whatever you’re doing, close your eyes for 30 seconds, take a deep breath and come back into yourself.

🌱 Make a schedule for chores – don’t do everything every day! 

🌱 Make a point of learning one new thing every day related to something you are interested in – make a note of it.

🌱 Laugh. Every. Single. Day. Force it out if you have to to start with.

🌱 Stand and sit up straight – slouching has all sorts of negative impact on the body and mind. As soon as you notice you’re slouching, straighten up and repeat.

🌱 Find tasks that are taking up time and energy and find a way to share them or delegate them; this includes getting kids/parters/visitors to help out at home.

🌱 Do 1 squat if you don’t find time to exercise. 

🌱 Read 1 page of a book if you don’t find time to read.

🌱 Check your screen time on your phone – write it down at the end of each day. Your goal should be to reduce screen time every single day. 

Feel free to share and let me know which tips are most useful to you xx