Empowerment through Pain with Rev. Dr. Leona Stucky Abbott


This week we have a very special guest Dr. Leona Stucky Abbott author, therapist, and Tiffany’s Aunt!  Leona is a domestic violence survivor who did not just survive she was determined to thrive with her second chance at life. We were so excited to have the opportunity to interview Leona after reading her incredible book Fog of Faith; Surviving My Impotent God. Tiffany got to read it as it was being written, Nicole recently got to read it and binge-read it in 2 days!  IT’S THAT GOOD! We hope you enjoy this interview where we get raw and real on domestic violence and being a survivor. 

Note from Tiffany: With a heavy heart, I must comment that with all that is going on in the world with violence against women in March 2021 this podcast could not have been better timed. We have come so far from when Leona first experienced violence but the last 2 weeks have been a reminder of how very far we still have to go. XOXO Tiffany

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