The benefits of Group Coaching

I’m super excited about the upcoming Group Coaching call this Sunday 13th July.

This will be the 6th and final session of this series where we will go on a little journey through calm, connection, clarity, confidence and courage from the core. 

These sessions are designed to give you space to connect with yourself and others, learn about yourself and gain insight and perspective from other people who may be experiencing similar things to you.
Drawing on my years of experience as a mentor, coach and change worker, I thoughtfully put together activities and exercises that provoke thought, feeling and growth. Through conversation, reflection and investigation, everyone present gets time and space to dig as deep as they feel comfortable going and offer their own wisdom to the group.

While I facilitate the group, I am as much of a learner as any of the participants. I deeply appreciate the experience and wisdom each person brings to the sessions and take away as much from these groups as anyone. 

I have recently thought of the work I do as ‘helping people change their perceptions’. It is the seeing things from a different angle and trying out alternative lenses that allows us to grow, improve and make changes in our lives. The power of having multiple inputs in a group setting opens up the possibility to trying out even more lenses until you find the one or the combination that feels right and opens up a new pathway for you.

That being said, I’d like to share some of the feedback with you:

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Love and blessings to you xx